Pat for Canton Supervisor 2016

Pat Williams Announces Candidacy for Canton Township Supervisor

Pat Williams has announced that he will run for Canton Township Supervisor in the upcoming 2016 Election. His experience as a community service leader sets him apart and enables him to successfully navigate the issues that Canton Township is encountering today, and will face in the coming years.

Williams has a proven track record as a leader in both private and public sectors. He has a history of bringing diverse groups of individuals together to plan and create positive outcomes. Pat’s strengths are his negotiation skills, perseverance, and ability to understand and resolve complex issues. As a Township Trustee for the past eight years, Pat is uniquely qualified and well-versed in the issues facing Canton.

Plymouth-Canton Patch
Plymouth-Canton Patch

Williams says, “After 25 years of dedicated service to our community, I will be proud to continue to represent Canton as our next Supervisor. My passion is Canton and I will ensure we will continue to be proper stewards of tax payer money through good governance and transparency. I do spend as much time as I can – attending community events to understand what we can do to keep Canton a leading community that is evolving, vibrant and diverse. My passion is to ensure Canton is a great place to live, work and play. I love Canton!

Pat’s platform is One Canton – The Residents, Businesses, Faith and Arts Communities. We need each other to continue Canton’s success. This means we need to be open to both our heritage as a community as well as the trends and changes we see happening every day.  A great community evolves and Canton will continue to be the leader in this philosophy.